Purchased on behalf Beglov kindergarten on Kanonersky island is ready to enter

Выкупленный по поручению Беглова детсад на Канонерском острове готов к вводу

Kindergarten building on Kanonersky island, which was in the list ending in 2017, ready for commissioning. This is made possible through the intervention of acting Governor Alexander Beglov, who is instructed to buy the kindergarten and remake it.

A kindergarten for 190 places will begin its work on 1 September.

As reported Ruposters, during a visit beglova in Kirovskiy district on March 6, local residents complained to the mayor that the kindergarten was in the list ending in 2017. Beglov promptly redeem the building to the state, to provide it with equipment and training materials to take children on September 1 of the current year.