Put on the full – court increased the term of the daughter eks-the President of Uzbekistan

Засадили по полной - суд увеличил срок дочери экс-президента Узбекистана

For their crimes Gulnara Karimova will sit till the old age.

The press service of the Uzbek Supreme court announced the completion of the trial in the case of Gulnara Karimova, the daughter of ex-President Islam Karimov. Tashkent court issued a decision to increase the prison term “Uzbek Princess” – to sit Gulnara will have until old age.

The controversial first daughter of Uzbekistan’s President made a series of serious crimes. Spoiled impunity and the privileged position of Gulnara Karimova literally robbed the country for a long time and managed to hide his criminal activities. In August 2015, Gulnara was convicted of extortion and tax evasion and received a ten-year prison term.

In 2019 to past charges added a new criminal case on the fact of theft of funds from the state budget and transactions contrary to the interests of the country. Damage that Gulnara Karimova struck Uzbekistan was estimated over $ 173 million dollars. In the new case the period Karimova was increased to 13 years and 4 months.

The matter was complicated by the fact that stolen funds Karimov put into foreign Bank accounts and despite the fact that the money frozen in Uzbekistan can return to the budget. Recently disgraced “Uzbek Princess,” has written an appeal to the current President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirzieev.In the letter she clearly hinted that she will return the money in the budget, subject to release. Apparently Mirziyoyev angered so brazen blackmail criminals and this time Karimov “put in full.”