Putin and Bolton: olives and arrows

Путин и Болтон: оливки и стрелы

Russia and the U.S. will seek common ground, despite different approaches: on this note ended the hour and a half in Moscow the meeting of Russian President Vladimir Putin met with assistant to the President for national security John Bolton.

During the conversation, Putin expressed surprise at the unfriendly actions of the United States, which, according to him, Russia does not provoked and joked:

“As I recall, the coat of arms of the United States depicts an eagle : on the one hand he is holding thirteen arrows, and the other an olive branch as a sign of peaceful policy, with thirteen olives. Question: your Orlan has all the olives ate, left some arrows?”

Bolton answered that the olive branch with him did not bring, but it supposedly it is no coincidence that is the right paw of the eagle, demonstrating the priorities.

Responsibility for the points made earlier, the White house’s intention to withdraw from the Treaty on intermediate-range assistant to the President of the United States has imposed on Moscow:

“The problem is that now there are Russian medium-range missiles in Europe. The threat to U.S. withdrawal from the Treaty, and the Russian missiles that are already there,” said Bolton, noting that Washington has not yet adopted specific decisions on the placement of missiles in Europe.

Following the meeting, an agreement was reached to hold a meeting of presidents Putin and trump in Paris on November 11.

“The first question which was asked by Russian journalists on the final conference of Bolton was the US withdrawal from the INF Treaty, reports from Moscow Euronews correspondent Galina Polonskaya. – Bolton intentions, these inflexible was confirmed, it seemed, was pleased with the results of the two-day trip to Moscow. The Kremlin did not consider the talks a breakthrough, arguing that perceives the visit of Bolton as a signal that Washington is ready to continue the composite dialogue.”

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