Putin can scare their “horror stories” only the Russians, the US now another opponent

Путин может напугать своими "страшилками" только россиян, у США теперь другой оппонент

The administration of Donald trump announced that the United States intends to withdraw from the Treaty with Russia on the elimination of intermediate and shorter range nuclear forces (INF). My opinion “Apostrophe” why Washington went to such a step and defends the view that Russia no longer poses a threat to the United States, was expressed by the Russian opposition Konstantin Borovoy.

All the “naduvanija” Russia is gradually ceases to be a participant of the world process. And not only in the political sense, but as is clear, for various circumstantial evidence, and militarily. The country has no modern electronic equipment and technology, can not have a real full-fledged weapon.

Russia ceased to be a danger to the United States, not because Putin has renounced aggressive war rhetoric, but because it’s clear that this rhetoric is nothing. The threat to create a weapon that Americans can suffer is the same thing that made Kim Jong-UN, threatening Americans with nuclear war, have developed missiles (with the help of Russia, by the way). However, the Americans could destroy the entire North Korean nuclear and missile program in a few minutes. Approximately the same situation today with Russia: the more Putin “inflated” and threatens creates cartoons with the image of missiles falling on Florida, the less you believe him, the clearer it becomes that this fully – bluff.

The United States should go to war with serious opponents – with China. The Treaty on intermediate-range and shorter-range constrains the United States in their quest to make the world safer. There is a preparation of several agreements with China on the limitation of strategic arms. Today, China is worried about the United States much more than Russia.

And the United States out of the agreements with Russia, because this is not the Soviet Union, a country that – for many reasons – does not represent for them danger. Putin’s threatening statements intended for domestic consumption. All the experts say that it is an empty bluff that such statements worthless and can’t stand. And after a while and the bluff will be nothing, because Russia lacks access to modern technology and ceases to be for US and NATO any serious rival in the field of armaments.

Today missiles and medium-range missiles, which it was 30 years ago, did not represent a danger, is already very powerful and very accurate missile system. As the Americans say, in fact, Russia itself withdrew from the agreement, RIAC, doing research in this field and putting into service of the missile and medium-range that is actually prohibited. To pretend that this is not – careless and stupid.