Putin fell on the ice during a hockey match: funny video

Путин грохнулся на льду во время хоккейного матча: курьезное видео

Russian President Vladimir Putin has repeatedly demonstrated to the Russians their love of hockey, but during the last game came in loud confusion. So, hockey in a gala match Night hockey League in Sochi the head of the Kremlin fell on ice when I waved to the audience, circling the arena on ice skates.

As seen in the video, after the match he toured the stands, not noticed lying on the ice Mat, slipped and fell down. Teammates tried to stop President of the aggressor country, but in vain.

The Russian media was not slow in praising Putin and his skills in hockey. They write that the Russian President has scored 10 goals and “led the team to victory with a score of 14:7.

The team with Putin played another official of the Russian Federation defense Minister Sergei Shoigu.