Putin has prepared for Ukraine the trap with the Donbass: “the script, as in Abkhazia,” details

Путин уготовил Украине ловушку с Донбассом: "сценарий, как в Абхазии", детали

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin will act in the occupied Donbas scenarios that have been implemented in South Ossetia and Abkhazia

About it in the comment journalists were told by the Ukrainian astrologer Vlad Ross.

According to him, Vladimir Putin, to distribute in the occupied territories of Donetsk and Lugansk regions of the Russian passport, repeating the Kremlin’s actions during the invasion of Abkhazia and South Ossetia.

“And this will be done with only one purpose. In the Donbas, as it is known, is still a lot of people, who remain citizens of Ukraine, have Ukrainian passports, because you receive two pensions: receiving a pension in the occupied territory, they drive on the Ukrainian territory for Ukrainian pension.

Naturally, Russia wants to understand exactly what is the population in the Donbas, how much of it, how many people, what is the number there of Pro-Russian citizens. Based on these data in the future will be planned in the Russian budget. After all money in Russia is less and less, respectively, to throw out the budget is not known what, it is difficult,” says Ross.

In addition, the astrologer suggested that after a few years in Russia could result in an economic catastrophe and Vladimir Putin will be totally up to the occupied Donbass.

“You can be calm that Russia definitely will not include the Donbass in its membership. On the contrary, it will seek ways to fuse the Donbass Ukraine, that is, to leave the occupied territory in the structure of our state and maintain there a conflict”, – says the astrologer.

Ross said that Vladimir Putin is interested in “bleeding” the Donbass because it is a guarantee that Ukraine will not join NATO.

“As you know, NATO does not accept countries on which there is an armed conflict and who have unresolved territorial disputes. For example, neither Georgia nor Moldova can’t join the Alliance until they solve their territorial problems, will not change the NATO Charter. In addition, there is the likelihood that NATO might fall apart,” concluded the astrologer in communicating with journalists.

Путин уготовил Украине ловушку с Донбассом: "сценарий, как в Абхазии", детали

Путин уготовил Украине ловушку с Донбассом: "сценарий, как в Абхазии", детали