Putin is a pedophile?

The subject I want to touch on, quite dangerous. But my civil duty, the duty of a psychiatrist, can not stay in side. Especially when the question relates to someone who plans to continue to control Russia and all of us another 12 years.

***And with it, unfortunately, I am hopeful for an adequate solution to the issue of pedophilia. But….. Raven crow, as they say…..

How it all began

There are persistent rumors that Putin suffers from homosexual pedophilia. It is known that a pedophile is quite difficult to calculate for the external data. The more that Putin is apparently all right.

***He is married and has daughters. Kabaeva again… What’s Homo-pedofilizm…

But, as experience shows, most pedophiles it looks all perfect. Not undermine.

Psychiatrists look to another, in particular we are interested in:

1. Are there any data on childhood and youth subject

2. Which there is documentary evidence or testimony about the gay man

3. What is the external behavior of the subject when dealing with children, to which he responds, gestures, facial expressions, etc..

Here is the simple set of available tools, based on which I will draw their own conclusions. All information published here is taken from public sources. We are lucky that Putin is a public figure, his every move recorded.

***Of course, if I had the opportunity to explore Putin the results would have been more convincing. But that is enough to make definite conclusions.


About the childhood and youth of Vladimir Putin written a lot. But I’m primarily interested in a potential sexual contacts, or at least prerequisites for them. From the whole husk found out that in his childhood Putin was not the leader in the yard, moreover, “the court existed under the laws of the wolf, the Senior was lording it over the younger. Lived as the area was godfather and their servants. Discipline is strict. If the elder told the younger: “Go get something”, then had to go and carry. Putin was in the company of younger guys.”

***Draw your own conclusions.

Next. It is known that 12 years of Putin is engaged in Sambo. Worked quite a long time, participated in competitions. Went to the competition with the coach. Gennady Antonovich Filatov, if anyone knows. Don’t want to cast aspersions on Gennady Antonovich, but the fact that among children’s coaches, the vast majority of pedophiles, the fact remains.

***The likelihood of homosexual contact in childhood, in my opinion, a large

This, of course, proves nothing and could be just a coincidence. But when coincidences are too many – this is a trend.

Eyewitness accounts

Youth Putin somehow lost. Undoubtedly, it is connected as with the study at the intelligence school and work in the KGB.

***Scouts do not leave traces

But by working with a KGB – FSB linked the most notorious pedo-scandal. It, of course, talking about an article shortly before his death wrote Litvinenko and Kalugin later confirmed. Briefly explain that these two accused Putin that he had sex with two boys at the safe house. It was in the 90s. At that time it was easy to “remove” the minor child prostitute. And there seems to be some sort of video depicting this moment.

***If so, then this video might be the most powerful dirt holding Putin’s obedient Fsbshnoy elite

Well, the acclaimed story of a boy Nikita.

Here, each frame speaks volumes. Here Putin comes to the boy, squats, asks if he’s hungry too..

*Come with me, I’ll give you a chocolate….

Here the crowd accumulates, Mama hand to pull the boy. Putin holds his not give. Singing the song, automatically lifts his shirt and kisses her stomach.

*It is obvious that Putin does not think that doing in the moment and acting completely on instinct. About the man behaves, who had never had sex.

Then, apparently realizing what had happened, flushed, Putin literally runs away from the crowd. If this happened on the street with any other person, he hardly would have remained alive…

*And for my son I would have killed even Putin.

There is no need for any explanations. Everything is clear and obvious. Another coincidence???

And here’s another one:

Please note: one hand Putin is holding the boy and the other stroking the back.

Here’s a similar picture many years later that the same gesture. And again the boy:

Security knows the thrust of Putin’s little boys

Such photos on the Internet hundreds…

*”A thousand where he did without the boy. And then there are the girls. Yes this proves nothing,” say the skeptics.

That, again, coincidence?? No, my friends. This trend, which is clearly diagnose the presence of rejection.

Finally, the story of the boy-a student, somehow left without media attention.