Putin is not capable of full-scale war against Ukraine – the United States Navy officer

Путин не способен к полномасштабной войне против Украины - офицер ВМС США

The military believes that a full-scale offensive contrary to the “manner” of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin.

Russia is not ready for full-scale war with Ukraine. A frontal attack from the Kremlin is not expected.

This opinion was expressed by the captain of the first rank of naval forces of the USA in resignation Harry Tabs, transfers “observer”. “Putin will continue to pull the strings in the Crimea, in the Donbas, but in the front it will not go,” he said.

According to the estimates of Tabaga, Russian Federation never have been ready for full-scale war from a purely military point of view. “After Georgia, it is understood,” he said.

At the same time a full-scale offensive contrary to the “manner” of Russian President Vladimir Putin, said the captain.

“The President of Russia, which now I think feels more confident that he is now “king of all Russia” for a long time, it’s not his way to fight in the front, to fight full-scale wars,” said Tabah.

He predicted that the Kremlin will continue to have an indirect influence in Ukraine, “pulling the strings” in the occupied territories of Crimea and East of the country. In particular, playing on the theme of “Russian world”.

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