Putin is not eternal: the top propagandist of the Kremlin subtly hinted at retribution

Путин не вечен: топ-пропагандисту Кремля тонко намекнули на расплату

Nephew of Russia’s top propagandist Sergei Kisilev, who was convicted in Germany for the war of “DNR”, they could be arrested at the fault of his uncle.

Dmitry Kiselev in 2016, the broadcast said that his cousin was fighting on the side of the terrorists, wrote in his blog on “Echo of Moscow” journalist Matvei Ganapolsky.

“Kid was in Bulgaria, transported to Germany, where he was sentenced. The term is not given specific evidence that he fought there, but because “a lot on this points,” explained the host.

He also suggested that the nephew after his release from prison, wants to take revenge on Dmitry Kiselyov for bragging.

“I think that when he gets out of prison, he’ll thank uncle. As you can see, pride in participation in Donbas adventure is valued only by Putin’s clique, but on the territory of the rest of the world is estimated at a prison term. And uncle should think of your own future. Putin is not eternal,” said Ganapolsky.

  • Kiselev said that his nephew went to fight against the Ukrainians, “considers himself Russian.”