Putin is preparing a new strike will be “little Russia”: Klimkin made a loud statement

Путин готовит новый удар - будет "Малороссия": Климкин сделал громкое заявление

According to the former Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin, the President of Russia Vladimir Putin did not leave hopes for the implementation of the project “new Russia”. In the framework of this project, according to a former Minister, Putin will continue to promote the division of Ukraine into Central and Western. It is reported by the Browser.

Klimkin said that the implementation of this project solves all the problems for Russia. Including because of his appeal to Putin, it poses a serious threat to Ukraine itself.

According to ex-foreign Minister, the head of the aggressor state will continue to achieve the separation of the Ukraine to “little Russia” and Western Ukraine. Success in this pane lead to the fact that the Crimean Peninsula, to return no one will have, respectively, to retain control of Russia over the Black sea.

Therefore, says Klimkin, there must be unity among Ukrainians. According to him, the current Ukraine will not achieve membership neither in NATO nor in the EU, because of the awareness of these organizations of instability among the Ukrainian people. Ex-foreign Minister claims that the EU and NATO see Ukraine’s problems as a weakness of the political nation and the dominance of the oligarchs.

Путин готовит новый удар - будет "Малороссия": Климкин сделал громкое заявление