Putin is ready to give 400 km of the border: “all for the sake of the dear”

Путин готов отдать 400 км границы: "все ради самого дорогого"

The President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin completely different plans for occupied territories of Donbas and annexed Crimea

This was stated by independent journalist, member of the Congress of Russian intelligentsia Valery Retired.

“Putin certainly don’t need these “DNR” and “LNR”. I think he will be traded for the lifting of sanctions it will be to negotiate them into the Crimea. To push them as a cancer in the body of Ukraine, Piontkovsky said, it would be great. I think Putin could do that would give 400 kilometers of the border. But Crimea is sacred. The Crimea, he will not give up, still alive. Defeat in the Crimea, for it would be tantamount to political defeat. As they say, in the Crimea kashcheeva the death of Putin”, – he said.

According to the journalist, there is no military solution to the problem of return of these territories in the Ukraine at the moment.

“For Putin it will be a loss. He may only be one loss – external military defeat, and a crushing and blood. After which say, “King is naked”. External military defeat in the war with Hitler, Stalin, and so on, as in the case of Gaddafi and other tyrants is death to any dictator. All the rest of the people suffer”, – he said.

Before that, we talked about the fact that Russian President Vladimir Putin once again was embarrassed. At this time the cause for caustic comment and indignation was his reaction to the terrible incident in Magnitogorsk, where the gas explosion in an apartment building killed 13 people.

A ridiculous embarrassment of Putin drew the attention of political and expert and blogger Alexei golobutsky.

“Russosmi: Putin gave the boy from Magnitogorsk laptop. Now it will be home to the boy,” wrote golobutsky in your Facebook.

Users reacted angrily to an absurd trick Putin recalled that the Russian President has long been “romantically involved with minors”.

Путин готов отдать 400 км границы: "все ради самого дорогого"