Putin: “Retribution is inevitable”

Путин: "Возмездие неизбежно"

Russia ready to use nuclear weapons only if satisfied that a potential aggressor inflicts on it a shot. “The concept of Moscow about nuclear weapons, no preemptive strike,” – said the President of Russia Vladimir Putin at a meeting of the club “Valdai” in Sochi. The head of state warned potential aggressors that in case of an attack of retribution they can not be avoided:

“Our concept is a response to counter-punch. In this situation we would expect that in the us someone will use nuclear weapons. They did, it would not do. Well, Yes, but then the aggressor still needs to know that retribution is inevitable that he will be destroyed. And we are the victims of aggression, and we, as martyrs go to Paradise, and they just die.”

A week ago, Russia held exercises strategic nuclear forces. Participation in them took the air force, Navy and ground forces. Also involved was the means of the system of missile warning.

In the coming months, Russia will adopt hyperglucemy missile complex “Avangard”, said Vladimir Putin at a meeting of the club “Valdai”. The President stressed that high-precision hypersonic weapons is no longer any one state, adding that a number of countries expect to test their prototypes only after a year or two.

The development of this complex was a response to a unilateral US withdrawal from the ABM Treaty and the deployment by Washington of this system on the territory of both the United States and other countries. The use of “Avant-garde”, according to Putin, will allow Russia to overtake China and USA in the deployment of this type of weapon.

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