Putin sent into the Crimea tens of thousands of “green men”: the data published horrific

Путин направил в Крым десятки тысяч «зеленых человечков»: опубликованы ужасающие данные

Svyatoshinsky district court of Kiev in considering the matter of ex-the representative of Putin in the Crimea Oleg Belavencev, came to the conclusion that at least 10 500 Russian soldiers participated in the capture of the Peninsula in 2014

According to “Novinama”, this is stated in the judgment of the Svyatoshinsky regional court of 18 March 2019. In the court document States that in the period from 20 February to 16 March 2014 in Crimea from Russia illegally moved at least 10 thousand 500 Russian troops, reports “Hvil”.

Also in the sentence spelled out that the Russian Federation has transferred in the ARC at least 10 tanks, 207 APCS and IFVs, 8 missile systems “Bastion-P”, 24 “Grad”, 12, “Hurricane”, more than 80 guns, more than 25 guns Gvozdika, 80 units of air defense, 16 bombers su-24, 2 SU-27 fighters, 6 reconnaissance aircraft SU-24 MG, 26 helicopters and about 640 trucks “URAL” and “KAMAZ”.

The court sentenced to 13 years imprisonment authorized representative of RF President in the so-called “Crimean Federal district” Oleg Belavencev. The court found the man guilty of infringement of territorial integrity and inviolability of Ukraine, incitement to treason and waging aggressive war against Ukraine.

The investigation proved that Belavenets from February-March 2014 in the Crimea and, by prior agreement with the other representatives of the government of the Russian Federation, helped the soldiers of the Russian Federation to cooperate with the military Cossack societies. We will remind, the Chairman of the Board of the world policy Institute Victor Shlinchak said about the necessity of creation of the Ministry of reintegration of Crimea.

Earlier it was reported that forces of the Russian Federation deliberately mixed civilians objects of Armed forces of Ukraine during the occupation of the Crimea. Reports a press about it-service of Prosecutor’s office of Crimea.

Moreover, the Department has sent to the international criminal court in the Hague proof of use in the Russian Federation civilian population as “human shields” during the annexation of the Peninsula. Prosecutors claim that the evidence will help to shed light on how actually held operation to the annexation of the Crimea.

Путин направил в Крым десятки тысяч «зеленых человечков»: опубликованы ужасающие данные

Путин направил в Крым десятки тысяч «зеленых человечков»: опубликованы ужасающие данные