Putin – the home: on what world leaders agreed during the summit G7

Путин - домой: на чем сошлись мировые лидеры во время саммита G7

On the eve in the French city of Biarritz ended the summit of G7 countries, which feared it could be a historic comeback of Russia. However, despite the statement of the President of the United States Donald trump, left Moscow out of the exclusive club, albeit with a hint that soon the Russian President Vladimir Putin can call on gatherings of world leaders.

“Apostrophe” tells about the results of the summit and about how the leaders of the “big seven” was an argument for Russia.

Who is who

The chief lobbyist for the return of Russia in the G7 made trump. Western media reported that he even entered into a kind of argument with the leaders of other countries, insisting that Russia needs to get. However, the idea of trump accepted without enthusiasm. Supported the head of the White house only the Prime Minister of Italy, Giuseppe Conte. In turn, Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe said that his country remains neutral on the question of the return of Russia.

The Prime Minister of Britain, Boris Johnson, Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel, Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau, the President of France Emmanuel Makron and the head of the European Council Donald Tusk refused to support this idea. Interestingly, less than a week ago macron during a meeting with Putin was not to do not against the return of Russia, but rather.

… and your enemies closer. That said trump

At the summit, Donald trump was clearly disappointed with the decision of the G7. It is interesting that people actively building a wall to separate US from all others, expressed the opinion that “Russia inside the room is better than Russia on the outside.” Understand what you want. Maybe this is a new version of the good old saying: keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Who knows.

Путин - домой: на чем сошлись мировые лидеры во время саммита G7

Trump believes that the return of Russia could help solve many issues. Answering the journalists ‘ question about how could Moscow itself to ask about the return, trump expressed the view that Putin himself to ask will not be, as he was “very proud guy”.

While trump said that he intends to invite Putin to the next summit of G7, which is scheduled for 2020 in the United States. However, the head of the Kremlin will come to the summit as a guest, not a participant.

What others have said

Macron turned out to be surprisingly inconsistent, stating that the return to the decision of the Ukrainian question will be perceived as a weakness of Western countries. He also said that with Merkel preparing to hold talks on Donbas in the Normandy format. The meeting with the participation of Putin and President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky can be held in the coming weeks – at the beginning of September.

Macron added that consensus on Russia, but trump, as host of the summit, has the right to invite Putin. Note that similarly did the Makron, inviting to the summit the delegation of Iran even without notifying their partners.

Trudeau also spoke strongly against the return of Russia.

“We made it clear that Canada does not support the return of Russia in the G7”, – he stressed.

The Prime Minister of Canada added that Russia still needs to change his behavior, which was excluded from the G8 in 2014. Trudeau said that Canada remains a staunch defender of the sovereignty of Ukraine.

Merkel also said that the situation in Ukraine, the main obstacle to the return of Russia.

“I on behalf of Germany made it clear that we need progress in the implementation of the Minsk process,” said the Chancellor.

Johnson before the summit clearly expressed the position of great Britain.

“Given what happened in Salisbury in Wiltshire, use of chemical weapons on British soil, continued instability, war in Ukraine… I’m very close with Chancellor Merkel in thoughts that it is yet to be resolved, to Russia returned in the G7,” said Johnson.

Interestingly, against the idea of trump’s made in the USA. Thus, the ex-Deputy Minister of defense Michael carpenter reminded the head of the White house about Ukraine, which is the main victim of aggression of the Kremlin. He invited Trump to advise Putin “to stay at home while his troops are out of Ukraine.”

“How about inviting Ukraine for the next G7 summit?” – he wrote.

Путин - домой: на чем сошлись мировые лидеры во время саммита G7

In Russia also believe that to return to the “big seven” at the invitation of one country will be wrong.

“Russia’s membership in the G7 or a return to the G7 is not an end in itself,” the speaker said Putin, Dmitry Peskov.

What ultimately adopted at the G7 summit

In fact, the summit “the big seven” ended in nothing. Almost for the first time at the summit was not signed on any document. There is only the statement on one page, written by the President of France.

In addition to the forthcoming negotiations on Ukraine, the document mentions Iran, Libya and Hong Kong, as well as the situation with the WTO.

In particular, the G7 called for reform of the WTO to increase the protection of intellectual property and the rapid overcoming of unfair trade practices.

G7 leaders believe that Iran should not obtain nuclear weapons, and they must maintain regional stability.

In Libya, the G7 called for a durable ceasefire and peace talks.

The protests in Hong Kong, the G7 reaffirmed the existence and importance of the Sino-British joint Declaration of 1984 on Hong Kong and called to avoid violence.

It also became known that the countries “big seven” refused to take a decision on the allocation of funds to fight fires in the Amazon.

What about the invitation of Russian thinking in the Ukraine

“The return of the occupied Crimea, the cessation of hostilities in the Donbass and the liberation of more than 100 political prisoners and Ukrainian sailors, which holds the Kremlin, will be a real strong signal to the world that Russia is ready again to take its place on the agenda of high diplomacy,” wrote Zelensky.

“This whole “invitation” reminded me of the well-known band in the early 80s “I know you know I know”. The President of the United States knew making the statement, that decision will not be made. After all, in this club, decisions are made unanimously. In turn, Putin also knew that Russia’s return to the Club is not going to happen under any circumstances”, – wrote in Facebook Deputy Minister for the occupied territories Georgy Tuka.