Putin tried on the image of Catherine II: “Lives by the rules”

Путин примерил образ Екатерины II: "Живет по понятиям"

Russian President Vladimir Putin feels like the king and live by the rules of the XVIII century

This was stated by the commander of the Navy of Ukraine Vice-Admiral Igor Voronchenko at the conference “Odessa Debate,” commenting on the efforts of Ukraine on the release of prisoners of war sailors, reports “Hvil”.

“I’m sorry that they are there because I’m four days too, was only in Sevastopol, imprisoned in solitary confinement, I know what the Russian burigana and what measures they use and how it turns out. As you know, the period ends on 25 April. According to my data, all investigations have been completed, and they will try still to judge,” – said Voronchenko.

However, he noted that no one knows what will ultimately take the decision Putin on the fate of the sailors.

“I don’t know what’s in the mind of the Tsar of Russia, everything depends on one person. He despises all civilized, he lives in the 18th century, under Catherine II, on concepts. Do we need to do anything to the wider world opened my eyes to all these disorders, that creates the Russian Federation. What he had in mind – I don’t know, and no one in this room, and in the world so don’t know. But the government, the President, we do make everything in order as quickly as possible they were released”, – said Voronchenko.

Earlier, the Bellingcat research network, which is engaged in investigation of high profile incidents, confirmed that Russia shelled Ukraine ships in international waters. At the conclusion of the investigators, Russian border guards fired on Ukrainian ships in international waters, which confirms the version of Ukraine.

As stated in the investigation, the data of Ukraine on the site of the attack on the court are not sufficiently detailed. The story of the attack in international waters was confirmed by data released by the Russian FSB.

Путин примерил образ Екатерины II: "Живет по понятиям"

Путин примерил образ Екатерины II: "Живет по понятиям"