Putin voiced the threat to the post-Soviet countries – Russian politician

Путин озвучил угрозу в адрес постсоветских стран - российский политик

The politician called the thesis of the “gifts” are “a complete mess”.

The statement of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin that the Soviet Union could go from here, “pulling gifts from the Russian people”, is actually a threat to the post-Soviet States.

Such opinion in the comment “observer” stated Russian opposition politician Leonid Gozman. “What he said is a threat. It is a statement that “we, Russia, have the right to do what you want, be the guys ready.” To this we must be ready,” warned the opposition leader.

He called the thesis of the “gifts” are “a complete mess”. “First of all, no gifts were not often were just grabbing,” said Gozman.

In this context, he recalled the examples of the peaceful, bloodless partition of States. “Wherever possible to implement a section of the country without the blood, there was one principle that existing borders. Any other path leads to endless debate that will never end, and which sooner or later may result in a military confrontation”.

We will remind, in interview to TV channel “Russia-1” Vladimir Putin has declared: “the question Arises: if one or the other Republic became part of the Soviet Union, but was in my Luggage a huge amount of Russian land, and then decided to secede from? But then to be out at least something came and dragged with gifts from the Russian people.”

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