Quadrantids 2020: what was one of the brightest shooting stars of the year – photos

In the night of 3 to 4 January, people had the opportunity to see one of the brightest meteor showers of the year – the quadrantids stargazing 2020. Peak of the meteor shower fell at 10 a.m., Kyiv time, so Ukrainians could this meteor shower to see.

Therefore, we have gathered for you the brightest photo Quadrantids 2020, of which eyewitnesses are divided on their pages in social networks.

As you know, a meteor stream Quadrantids can be seen every year in the period from 28 December to 7 January. During this period, the number of meteors reaches 25 – 30 sites per hour.

The exception was just last night, which was the peak of the meteor shower. For several hours the maximum number of meteors per hour reached 120 drops.

What is the shooting stars (meteor storm)? This phenomenon, in which we see the bright flashes in the night sky. Most of the meteors seen during a meteor shower, it is small fragments of the comet the size of a grain of sand. Every year you can see three of the brightest stars. This meteoric period of the Perseids, which can be observed in August, meteor shower Geminids, which can be seen in December and the Quadrantids, which can be seen at the end of December – early January.

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