Qualcomm has announced a lightweight XR-glasses for smartphones

Qualcomm анонсировала легкие XR-очки для смартфонов

With the development of 5G networks and expand the capabilities of smartphones, as well as various accessories, including augmented and mixed reality. Qualcomm announced a program of performance testing and evaluation of the compatibility of headsets for the new generation smartphones with the support of several major brands. Thanks to collaboration with the chip maker electronics manufacturers the advent of the compact XR-points will be held next year.

Qualcomm Technologies said the next phase of the partnership with global operators, and manufacturers of smartphones and devices with the features of virtual and augmented reality. According to the company, consumer XR-glasses will be available to users already in 2021-m is planning to implement support for signature devices new accessories announced brands such as ASUS, Black Shark, OnePlus, OPPO, Smartisan, vivo, and ZTE.

Light XR-glasses connect the USB cable Type-C to 5G-smartphone-based mobile platforms Qualcomm Snapdragon Snapdragon 855 and 865. An accessory, according to the developers, “opens new horizons of the effect of immersion”, with the support of mobile networks of the fifth generation of smartphones provide ample bandwidth and low latency needed to create the effects of a mixed reality.

“The ROG brand is known for its hardware, suitable for the most avid gamers, and we owe that to our collaboration with Qualcomm Technologies. Program Optimized Qualcomm XR Certification played a huge role in ensuring the compatibility of XR-glasses and phone ROG. We hope with the XR-technology to make games even more immersive and will continue to cooperate with the XR-ecosystem in mobile devices,” said Brian Chan, General Manager of phone division of the company ASUS.

The program Optimized Qualcomm XR Certification Program includes the following tests:

  • Performance tracking head movements with six degrees of freedom (6DoF), glasses and smartphone
  • Verification of the calibration of the display points
  • Verification of response delay on user actions glasses and smartphone
  • Check temperature and power for glasses and smartphone
  • Mutual compatibility of glasses and smartphone

According to participants of the program in the next year to see the “new reality” will every owner of compatible points of the gadget.

Qualcomm анонсировала легкие XR-очки для смартфонов

Qualcomm анонсировала легкие XR-очки для смартфонов