Quarantine finishes the Eurozone: in the EU, said about the problems with the Euro

Карантин добивает еврозону: в ЕС заявили о проблемах с евро

The economic downturn due to the coronavirus can lead to the breakup of the EU monetary Union (in fact, the refusal of the countries from the Euro).

This was stated by the European Commissioner for economic Paolo Gentiloni in an interview with Die Welt, reports the observer.

“In Italy, France and Spain, the economy is reduced by ten or eleven percent. This large-scale. Other countries, such as Denmark, Poland, Sweden and Germany seem to better survive the crisis; there is only a minus four to six percent. What we have always warned, now confirmed: the recession could tear the Eurozone apart,” said the Commissioner.

The current economic forecast, the EU is proof that the reconstruction plan “of the EU next generation” needed more than ever, the politician added. “Recent economic data are a warning; the recession is deeper than expected, and Eurozone countries are developing even more badly than expected in the spring,” added the Commissioner.