“Quarantine is not afraid”: a volunteer shared stories of the struggle for the lives of soldiers APU

''Карантин - это не страшно'': волонтер поделилась историями борьбы за жизнь воинов ВСУ

Volunteer Marina Sokolova shared four stories of struggle for the lives of the soldiers of the APU, to remind Ukrainians that quarantine and spending time at home is not the worst thing that can happen.

About my experience and difficult recovery path of the defenders of Ukraine, she wrote on the page of the volunteer Fund “Turn alive” in Facebook.


The warrior was wounded in the summer of 2014 at the Saur-Tomb. He was an ordinary soldier 72 Ombre behalf of the Black Cossacks. The defender has survived two near-death, the year and spent two months in one ward of a military hospital in Germany. In General, his treatment lasted almost two years.


The hero was wounded in August of 2014. His doctors were in parts more than a year. And this was only the first stage of treatment. Then he came to the hospital for the checkups and treatments with the words “I for a week!”, and was treated four or five months: from operations two to three times a week, high fever and other complications long-term rehabilitation.

Now Igor is the APU, but the vacation between rotations in the East often spent in the hospital.


The guy got shot in the Water on 11 October 2016 and is still undergoing treatment. When the number of operations exceeds 50, he stopped counting them. In addition, the first eight months he did not get up from his hospital bed, and the last year and nine months warrior the same as Dmitry spent in a single ward of a military hospital in Germany.


The military was wounded in may 2015, a week before demobilization. And in February 2020, the defender of Ukraine has already undergone 60 surgery. Now the guy is only 26 years old, but the last five years he was forced to spend a stay in hospital, because living without arms and with a completely fractured leg. Despite this, he perceives everything in life with humor.