Quarantine measures did not prevent sales of the iPhone in China

Карантинные меры не помешали продажам iPhone в Китае

And it allows Apple to stay afloat.

According to the information portal GSMArena, April iPhone sales in China grew by 160% compared to the previous month. And this is considering that the company sells its products only through several official retailers like Tmall from Alibaba. If to speak about figures – that 3.9 million smartphones sold, nearly a quarter of which came in the iPhone SE 2020.

Of course, the pandemic influenced the statistics as sales of Apple phones in April 2019 in China accounted for 60% more current. However, momentum is growing, and purchasing power for the time of isolation fell not too much that hints at a positive outcome for the company.

Although Apple is early to celebrate – the rest of the competitors in the smartphone market has also experienced a growth in sales as soon as weakened quarantine measures. And despite the small differences in data analysts (CINNO Research, IDC, and WPIC), for the market in China again is booming.

The occurrence in China has not prevented big business, and now he will again begin to flourish. The company will return the position and success depends on who will represent the coolest tech new. After all, Apple can, and innovators, but competitors are not far behind.