Quarantine – not a vacation: Angelina Jolie has surprised quite a strict regime for children

Карантин - не каникулы: Анджелина Джоли удивила достаточно строгим режимом для детей

Jolie is important that children do not relax

Angelina Jolie cares about the health of their children, so they whole family are in isolation during the outbreak of coronavirus. 44-year-old actress ensures that children have the opportunity to have fun and enjoy, but do not forget about the daily routine and homework. However, Jolie is still one of the most private Hollywood stars. Recognized beauty is not registered in social networks and rarely gives interviews. However, the journalists could find out from Angelina and her entourage are like “quarantine” everyday star “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”.

Fortunately, Jolie has very spacious house with many rooms where children can play and learn. The eldest son of Angelina – Maddox (18) also is at home. Recall that Maddox is a freshman at Yonsei University in Seoul, but because quarantine had to come home for remote learning. The guy decided during the home insulation take up the study of two languages – Russian and Korean.

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The other five children with Jolie, including 16-year-old son pax, 15-year-old daughter Zahara, 13-letnego Silo and 11-year-old twins Knox and Vivienne, are forced to study at home and to observe the quarantine.

“This does not mean that they have the vacation. Despite the fact that they do not attend school, they still comply with strict weekly schedule. Angelina believes that the compliance schedule is very important, so children Wake up at certain time, eat Breakfast together, and then sit in their classes,” reports HollywoodLife.

“They attend classes, listen to lectures online. Besides, they have a lot of homework, because the star actress and forcing children to comply with the regime.”

Although children are forced to follow the strict routine of the day, this does not mean that during the quarantine, they are not having fun.

“They have a lot of breaks during the day, and they use them as efficiently as possible. Cook together at home with mom, watch movies and play games. Children miss Maddox so very much value it had with a time. He’s so good with them and even teaches younger children the basics of the Korean language,” continued shares information insider publication.

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The children also spend time with his father brad during the quarantine COVID-19.

“The children really miss my friends, but fortunately they are very friendly with each other and act as a well knit team. They are already used for a long time together is, therefore, better prepared for the regime of self-isolation than many of the star children. The kids are very lucky that their father brad and Angelina have a lot of open space in the house, so the children can still spend time outdoors”.

Brad pitt said that Angelina was able to organize the time of their children. He is very proud of how smart and reasonable they become.

Карантин - не каникулы: Анджелина Джоли удивила достаточно строгим режимом для детей

Карантин - не каникулы: Анджелина Джоли удивила достаточно строгим режимом для детей