Queen Elizabeth II caught on the “hooligan” violation of the law

Королеву Елизавету II поймали на "хулиганском" нарушении закона

92-year-old Queen Elizabeth II was found in violation of traffic rules. She was spotted behind the wheel of his Range Rover without a seat belt, which is considered a serious violation of the law, reports ONLINE.UA with reference to the Daily Mail.

It is reported that Queen Elizabeth II rode about a mile without a belt in the village of Sandringham in Norfolk. For this violation entails a heavy fine, but he managed to avoid the Queen due to the immune system.

It should be noted that the Queen had a traffic violation the day after the accident that got her husband, 97-year-old Duke of Edinburgh Philip. The accident occurred January 17, when Duke went on the road from the Royal estate of Sandringham in Norfolk. The car, at the wheel which there was Philip, collided with another car. As a result, two people received minor injuries, but the Duke himself was not injured.

Recall, Queen Elizabeth II learned to drive during world war II, she worked as a driver in an ambulance. The Queen has written her name on a driver’s license, although, according to law, for it is this document is optional.