Queen of Spain, third time lit up stylish image: photo – 24 Channel

Королева Іспанії втретє засвітила стильний образ: фотофакт - 24 Канал

The Queen of Spain was third time pokersouls in the same skirt. Charming Letizia lit attire at the official meeting in the Zarzuela Palace, in Madrid.

The representatives of the monarchy was always distinguished by refinement and style in clothes. And if the Duchess of Sussexite Meghan Markle dons the outfits of the most well-known brands, the cost of which is sometimes striking, then Queen Letizia is trying to be more modest. In her wardrobe there are many elegant designer things she can absorb several times a year.

So, the Queen took part in a scheduled meeting with representatives of Women’s Union in Madrid. To the Zarzuela Palace, she arrived in a gray blouse tucked into a skirt with floral print from Hugo Boss. Your image of the wife of king complements the heels.




Look Queen Letizia Mature and stylish. However, the network noted that the same way of charming the wife of the monarch has already demonstrated more than once. So, during one of the public outputs, the Queen wore the same shirt, tucking it into the skirt, and in the other picked up to the product Hugo Boss light blouse. In all three images Leticia was in different shoes and looked very elegant.

Королева Іспанії втретє засвітила стильний образ: фотофакт - 24 Канал
Queen Letizia

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