Quotas for the import of fertilizers: farmers outraged, Firtash declare “healthy protectionism”

Квоты на импорт удобрений: фермеры возмущены, у Фирташа заявляют о "здоровом протекционизме"

The Ministry of economy plans to introduce a 30% quota on imports of nitrogen fertilizers – the rest should fill in plants of Ostchem owned by Dmitry Firtash, “Dniproazot” Igor Kolomoisky and state-owned Odesa port. Farmers against.

This is stated in the material DW.

Deputy Minister of economy Kachka calls quotas as a way to preserve jobs in the chemical industry.

In the press service of Group DF Firtash stressed that the chemical plants of the holding company employs about 15 thousand people. But only in the chemical and related industries – about one hundred thousand.

“We believe that quotas on imports of nitrogen fertilizer should be put into the size that will ensure utilization of domestic capacity at least 80 percent”, – said the press service of the holding.

The holding Firtash think the quota of “healthy protectionism” and point to the fact that the EU protects its producers chemistry, in particular, restricts the import of one of the types of nitrogen fertilizers – ammonium nitrate.

At the same time, farmers are outraged that the download of chemical plants will occur in fact at their expense. All of the key agrarian associations of Ukraine has criticized such a move, in some regions there have been protests of farmers, after which the economy Ministry has postponed the introduction of quotas for the month.

According to the calculations of economists the Kyiv school of Economics Oleg Nivievskyi, mineral fertilizers in the cost of production of farmers up to 20 percent, on average, 7 percentage points more than large agricultural producers.

Imported nitrogen fertilizer in the past year fell due to the strengthening of the hryvnia. Prices in Ukraine due to strong imports from the EU and Belarus fell despite the fact that in the summer of 2019 Ukraine introduced embargo on the import of fertilizers from Russia, traditionally the cheapest of the low cost of gas.

During the year, according to market analysts, the share of imports ranged from 15 to 50%.


On may 22, the Interdepartmental international trade Commission imposed anti-dumping duties on pipe (51,52%) from China at the matches of Belarus (one-21.32%) and Russia (of 45.79%), and polymers (18%) regardless of their country of origin.

Квоты на импорт удобрений: фермеры возмущены, у Фирташа заявляют о "здоровом протекционизме"