Rabinovich: January 1 of the year of the Ukrainian GTS becomes scrap metal

Рабинович: 1 января года украинская ГТС становится металлоломом

From 1 January 2020 the Ukrainian gas transportation system becomes scrap due to the fact that it signed a contract with Russia. This was stated by MP, co-Chairman of party “Oppositional platform For life” Vadym Rabinovich on air of TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

“Our pipe, good people! I don’t know how much, remove the pan! January 1 next year, our pipe becomes a scrap. Not signed a key agreement with Russia in General, without which we would not exist. We just have 3 billion of their money going to pay. Kobolyev said today that he needs a billion additionally to pump gas. If the Russians cease to supply. Well, you told me that we got off the oil needle. You told it! Billion. You know what a billion is? I will tell you. A billion divided by 20 million taxpayers contingent of Ukrainians, means $ 50 out of the pocket of every Ukrainian. Each. Again starts the same. What little COBOL translated to your mother?” the MP said.

Rabinovich also filled about the promised the head of “Naftogaz” Andrey KOBOLEV the program “2020”. “Allocated huge money for what they said, the program of the 2020 – 20 year to 20 billion cubic meters of gas. No gas, no programs, COBOL mom transferred millions of dollars, and now you, dear Ukrainians, relieve $ 50. And when you fold? Where did you give these men life? Look, it’s a long subject. We have COBOL gets paid more than the President of the United States. May I ask why? The President of the United States is building a great America, and what builds COBOL? If our bills were, for example, 6 times less and it was working, I would gladly pay him any money. Draconian bills, the murder of the country, the failure of the 2020 programme and salaries in billions? Well, what do we do? Are we the richest? Are we the greatest country?” – said Rabinovich.

Previously CEO of “Naftogaz” Yuriy Vitrenko said that in the event of termination of gas transit through Ukrainian GTS, the state will lose $ 3 billion. a year. He is convinced that the implementation of such a scenario, Ukraine has high chances to win “Gazprom” another arbitration claim for us $ 12 billion. as compensation for accelerated depreciation.

Рабинович: 1 января года украинская ГТС становится металлоломом