Rabinovich: sit In the government the gambler – let’s establish their own holiday

Рабинович: Во власти сидят наперсточники - давайте учредим для них отдельный праздник

MP and head of the party “Opposition platform For life” Vadim Rabinovich proposed to establish in Ukraine holiday – the Day of the gambler, which will focus on politicians in the country. He said this on air of the program “Evening Prime” on the TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

Such a proposal, the MP put forward due to the fact that the Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman extended with the head of the NJSC “Naftogaz of Ukraine” Andrey KOBOLEV the contract for a period of one year.

“A new holiday – day of the gambler. We saw a performance of the highest sharps, when the Cabinet played in front of us a picture that Groysman takes KOBOLEV, he was furious and so forth, and then jumped the gun and appointed KOBOLEV,” explained Rabinovich.

The MP believes that the only achievement Groisman – that now COBOL will not get a million and half a million per day.

“I want to comment on this decision: this man was daily million. For what? For that program, which he promised to do by 2020, 20 billion cubic meters of gas, is not performed. Because, once winning the intermediate court of Gazprom, he turned to his mother more than 8 million dollars in America. Before you played the scenario of a gambler, and COBOL now due to the pressure Groisman, which included integrity, will receive half a million,” said Rabinovich.

He stressed that the high salaries paid to politicians and bureaucrats actually the Ukrainians themselves out of pocket.

“It’s not the authorities pay them exorbitant salaries, that we pay them exorbitant salaries! This we have from his pocket took! No Groisman, neither the government nor the President – they do not produce anything. They collect our taxes and spend our money. By the way, is our money they are spending on what is unknown. To pay the visiting crooks incredible, exorbitant salaries,” – said the politician.

The MP believes that the problem of Ukrainian “swindlers” not only that.

“These sharps, perhaps for the first time in the history of European civilization, are not able to present his people the mandatory list of the Constitution of the coalition that governs us,” – summed up Vadym Rabinovich.