Rabinovich: Suprun came to SBU to protect Sternenko

Рабинович: Супрун пришла к СБУ защищать Стерненко

The ex-Minister of health Suprun came today to the building of the security service protecting the activist Sergey Sternenko. This was stated by co-Chairman of party “Oppositional platform For life” Vadym Rabinovich on air of TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

“Today the SBU is to protect Sternenko came Ms. Suprun, closing here that chain us to the end. It turns out, came here to destroy medicine foreign citizen Suprun, it is unknown how the bottle of gin just showed up and gave billions, given the Constitution of Ukraine, which is impossible, as you remember, neither the Prosecutor did not undertake to judge because the laws were below Suprun Suprun came to defend the murderer Sternenko” he said.

Rabinovich said “it means that they initially relied on these people, it’s one structure, the radicals who kill people that killing medicine Suprun – it’s all links in a chain, one of the diabolical conspiracy against Ukraine.

“And today they themselves burned down because there was no one to protect. And it’s great. Now we know that when we say “Suprun”, we mean Sternenko, and when we say “Sternenko” – mean Suprun. We will have our eyes open, but visiting, as they say, I don’t know, the owners who come over laborers. So I’ll start to believe any law enforcement after the criminal verdict in Suprun. The chamber has given enough material, and the chamber is a state body, the only remaining, audit is not in the country. Tell me why there are no criminal cases and do the full trial, where did all that money how in the billions of purchased drugs flawed as it is still pre-payment made 5 billion – not received medication as people deprived of the right even if you remember to be treated, cancer patients and others. How it all happened in independent Ukraine, where a revolution took place gidnost?” – said Rabinovich.

Previously, the law enforcement officers told the activist Sergey Sternenko on suspicion of murder and possession of knives without a permit.

Рабинович: Супрун пришла к СБУ защищать Стерненко

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