Rabinovich: to Risk the lives of journalists for the teleconference is not (video)

Рабинович: Рисковать жизнью журналистов ради телемоста не стоит (видео)

“Ukraine today is in the most difficult point in history. We elected a new government, hoping for peace. But the current situation shows that even a teleconference between Ukrainian and Russian TV channels, the main idea is honest conversation without politicians, causes an inappropriate response”.

This opinion was expressed by MP of Ukraine, co-Chairman of political party “Opposition platform For life” Vadim Rabinovich, commenting on the live TV channel NewsOne plans to hold 12 July telethon NewsOne-Russia 24, under the title “Need to talk”

“I know that today all night and threatened with bodily harm to heads of NewsOne TV channel, the journalists and their families. Can explain it like this: fascist gang freaking out, because he could uncover the truth about what we the people want friendship, do not want to fight and want to build,” – said the politician.

Meanwhile, Vadim Rabinovich, has drawn attention to the fact that “today, no one law enforcement Agency does not respond to threats to journalists, indulges what is happening”.

“It is very important to arrange such a provocation in order to create the conditions under which Ukraine will broadcast the TV channels of power-hungry politicians. Have you ever seen some “1+1” real representatives of the South-East of the country? No! There you can see only “group Murewa”, from which mold the opposition. They have no ideology, plan for peace – there is only whipping up hysteria and bet on a war in which all of cashing. Where landing Svinarchuk-Gladkovsky? And never will be, because now he heads the Corporation “Bogdan”. So I’m not surprised that anyone who today wants to tell the truth, wants to call fascists fascists considered criminals,” – said Vadim Rabinovich.

Co-Chairman of party “Oppositional platform For life” “with deep concern” looks at the situation around holding the teleconference, and “asks people to draw conclusions.”

“Before the elections, politicians are playing “games of patriots”, they’re trying to show who is more “loves the country” who has more shirts will be torn. We’re just trying to improve our lives, journalists doing their job – trying to establish contacts where politicians can not do, and they are trying to intimidate… Teleconference of the world – is that really worthy of respect, these need to be addressed. The current situation has shown who are “for life”, and who – against. So, dear Ukrainians, make a conclusion about what kind of Parliament you want to impose! Choose, or those who are the dances, songs and the quarters will be to continue the war, or let’s choose life! If we after two weeks, those voices who gave Zelensky, give real peace, we will win”, – said Vadym Rabinovich.

Contacted the MP and to the media: “Dear journalists, you see the amount of people that supports you. You are doing a great job, but even then it is not worth the lives of your journalists. You – the Champions of the world and did a great job. Nevertheless, the idea of the teleconference must be abandoned. Not because we are afraid, but because the government, unfortunately, is unable to protect us from fascism.”

Vadym Rabinovich is convinced that “no political interests is not worth it to risk the lives of journalists.” “We are grateful to you, know that you did well, but the teleconference you must postpone. The world we will install, but immediately after the parliamentary elections!” – he called.

However, the MP said: “If it were me, I would have held the bridge, but when law enforcement officers want to protect you journalists to frame you for a crime. It does not SAG, and normal healthy desire to protect the journalists.”

In any case, “the discussion of such issues as the Ukrainian Crimea and the Ukrainian Donbass, obviously pissed off would the patriots – they are afraid that talking about who sold the world and went to war”.

“Healthy people in Ukraine and in Russia, certainly, will support this peace initiative, as a teleconference, but to risk the lives of journalists and their families is still not worth it” – summed up Vadym Rabinovich.