Rabinovich: We will not allow the authorities to broadcast the “Swan lake” and defend freedom of speech

Рабинович: Мы не позволим власти транслировать "Лебединое озеро" и отстоим свободу слова

The authorities do not interfere with either the war or draconian tariffs, no thieving officials – authorities hinder journalists? The promised landings in the spring was not. Turns out, the landing will be in the summer, and plant seem to be journalists! It turns out that in the way to live with dignity are not thieves, and journalists.

This opinion was expressed by MP, co-chair of the political party “Opposition platform For life” Vadim Rabinovich at a mass rally in support NEWSONE and freedom of speech in Ukraine, which was held on 11 July in Kiev under the walls of the channel.

The politician reminded that “within two days, the General Prosecutor’s office sent a subpoena reporters NEWSONE, whereas other Poroshenko – Svinarchuk – still in one piece”.

“The government is fighting with the press! The main thing for it to Zelensky was shown as king. But he is not a king, but a servant of the people. At least, the President himself had called. And what do we see now? He now puts people directly from the meeting. Yes it is not the servant of the people, and Hame some!” – said Vadim Rabinovich.

The MP believes that restoring order in the country depends on whether every Ukrainian afford to talk on the streets, on television about anything.

“If the authorities manage to shut our mouth, nobody hurt, smiling, to plunder the country. But I want to warn the government: at a rally in support of NEWSONE were about 3-4 thousand people. But if the government will not cease to put pressure on the media, will meet tomorrow tens of thousands. And 100 people the Pro-government team will never intimidate the whole country! This will not happen!” – said Vadim Rabinovich.

The politician is indignant: how can it be that the country that calls itself European, intimidated journalists and threatened their families for their desire to return to the world, to tell the truth?

“Europe is a normal life, a decent pension, it’s freedom of speech. Ours is already the new President said: “I’ll close the channels after the election! Already closed and Yanukovych and Poroshenko… where are they now?” – noted Vadym Rabinovich.

“We will not give up no gang neither journalists nor the right to watch TV channels that we like. For the government the “right channel” – the one that gives you the opportunity to speak only of power, and “wrong” – one that gives the floor to all and, therefore, it should be closed. This fascist logic! If the government will close the independent channels, they have no need to plunder the country under the General “thanked” and “Swan lake!” – said the MP.

Vadim Rabinovich said that “the representatives of the current government and all parties always have access to the broadcasts of the TV channel NEWSONE”.

“Apparently, in gratitude, they are now attacking journalists. You try to get to 1+1 – “honest”, “noble” channel. You will not succeed! But here were representatives from all parties, and they don’t like it”, – said the MP.

Co-chair of the “platform of the Opposition For life” appealed to the media personnel: “Dear journalists! You – our last prop, our Stalingrad. Freedom of speech is a value, breaking which, about Europe say no more. The authorities need the media, which will broadcast the position of the Bank. Killing journalism, they will lead us is not there. But we will not let that happen! We are not afraid! Today we all need to understand that a free press is our last Bastion to destroy that we will not allow. To close the channels failed Poroshenko, will not let that happen and Zelensky! Not “go through”!”