Rabinovich: when Purchasing American diesel locomotives, the power of destroying Ukrainian industry

Рабинович: Закупая американские тепловозы, власть уничтожает украинскую промышленность

A contract for the purchase of American locomotives of General Electric company worth a billion dollars threatens disaster for the Ukrainian machine-building industry. About this on his page in Facebook wrote MP, leader of the “Opposition platform For life” Vadim Rabinovich.

“Recently it became known that the Ukraine arrived ship, on Board of which five locomotives produced by the American company General Electric. The contract with this firm involves in the first stage the supply of 30 of these trains, which cost the Ukrainian budget of 140 million. But only “cooperation” with overseas “partners” of General Electric is estimated at one billion dollars!” – wrote the MP.

According to him, instead of the money to invest in their own economies, the development of the private locomotive building industry, the government simply “gave” them to the Americans.

“And I’m not talking about jobs we could create if they had built locomotives, and the locomotives themselves. But no jobs will get Americans. This is the essence of the current regime! To destroy, sell or make domestic production was unprofitable and impossible. They don’t need rich, strong, independent Ukraine, they do not want peace in the country”, – said the politician.

According to him, without peace in Ukraine will not be economic development due to the fact that a huge part of our industrial capacity remains in the uncontrolled area. As an example, the leader of the “Opposition platform For life” brought the Luhansk locomotive plant, which could build locomotives is not worse or even better than the us. And cheaper, while ensuring that hundreds of thousands of jobs.

“That is why we in the “Opposition platform For life” convinced that Ukraine first needs to establish immediate and final world. Only a stable peace will restore the enterprises to attract investment and ensure economic recovery throughout the country and will not allow you to withdraw billions of dollars from the state budget for the border. That’s where we’ll start after winning the elections,” – summed up Vadym Rabinovich.