Race in Russia ended in a terrible tragedy, “could not save”: the moment caught on video

Гонки в России закончились страшной трагедией, "спасти не смогли": момент попал на видео

During off-road racing in Russia there was a deadly tragedy

During the Championship of Russia on trofi-raids killed the pilot of one of the SUVs.

The tragedy occurred on March 30 in Noumea during off-road racing one of the cars overturned on a steep incline. The driver was killed.

The car also was the co-driver, he survived but was seriously injured and is in intensive care with a concussion.

The competition in the Krasnodar region began on 29 March in the village of Divnomorskoe, it was attended by athletes from fifty regions of Russian Federation.

We will remind, the former world champion in the heavyweight Vitali Klitschko commented on the possible resumption of a career his brother Wladimir

According to the “eternal” of the WBC, his brother did not need to prove anything, but he would support any decision.

At the same time Vitali Klitschko said that the main incentive to return to Boxing should not be money.

“Vladimir don’t have to prove anything to anyone. He has long been at the top of the box. If he decides to fight again, if he wants to once again go through the agony of training, you will receive my full support.

But he should not return to the ring for the money. He became quite a successful businessman after a career of a boxer”, – quotes the words of Vitaly Klitschko Bild.

Earlier it was reported that Vladimir Klitschko also has an attractive financial offer from the platform DAZN, which is ready to broadcast his fights.

Streaming service has decided to double the honorarium of Wladimir Klitschko, which he will receive for the renewal of the performances.

Thus, according to the Sport Arena the platform offers DAZN Ukrainian boxer improved contract for three fights, under which he is guaranteed to earn $ 80 million. In the preceding sentence has been specified fees in the amount of $ 40 million.

While Wladimir Klitschko was asked to decide before the end of March, as it is anticipated that the first fight might be organised may 25 or June 1.

Other conditions of the contract of DAZN remained the same. Under the contract Wladimir Klitschko have played three matches. The first fight in Germany against an opponent who is in the top 10 in the world rankings.

The second and the third in London at Wembley stadium with the British Anthony Joshua and Tyson fury.