Racing on ice: the results of the 3-4 stages of the Superleague – Russian team Championships 2019, Shadrinsk

Мотогонки на льду: Итоги 3-4 этапов Суперлиги - командный чемпионат России 2019, Шадринск

Team Togliatti “Mega-Lada” kept leadership in the Russian Championship (KCHM) for ice racing after the battle at the stadium “torpedo” the city of Shadrinsk.

RACING.RU, 20 Jan 2019 – With an equal number of points, but only gold left city racers Ufa “Bashkortostan ANO ctvs them. G. Kadyrov”: the first day megalodonta dominated, but in the second were stronger than the representatives of the Ufa. For the weekend both teams scored 8 points, so the amount of “Mega-Lada” still leads the standings with 13 points. Representatives of Moscow – “torpedo-SHAAZ” 3rd position, “ctvs DOSAAF of the Sverdlovsk region” from Kamensk-Ural in the 4th.

The absolute leader in the number taken wins the final of the day was the Dinar Valeev won all five races in which he participated. He alone brought the team ctvs them. Kadyrov 15 points, ahead of defending world champion Dmitry Koltakova. Moreover, we cannot say that valyeev just lucky that he didn’t meet a champion face to face because of the lots! Just, met: in the 6th race of the shaft ahead of Koltakov at the finish, taking away Dima one single point.

Koltakov is in KCHM “torpedo-SHAAZ”, which also speaks of the famous Austrians Franz “Franky” Zorn. Today Frankie has one win, one fall and is only 5 points. Team “torpedo” used every opportunity and put the 5th rider. Also their right to additional pilot used the command “ctvs DOSAAF”. “Mega-Lada” and “ctvs to them.Kadyrov” spare on the ice did not release after permanent structures.

New Russian champion Daniil Ivanov and his partner at the “Mega-Lada” Nikita Toloknov won two rounds and the other two become 2-mi, earning 10 points. For the team “Bashkortostan ANO ctvs them. G. Kadyrov” came the repeated world champion Nikolai Krasnikov, who brought the team 7 points, taking the victory in the 5th race and two more finished 2nd.

*** Race of the second stage KCHM in Kamensk-Uralsky was abolished by the decision of the Directorate for the unacceptable state of the ice. So in fact of the 4 stages we are only talking about 3’s.

The situation in the Russian championship in 2019 after 4 stages:

1. “Mega-Lada” (Togliatti) – 13 points

2. “Bashkortostan ANO ctvs them. G. Kadyrov” (Ufa) – 8

3. “Torpedo-SHAAZ” (Shadrinsk) – 5

4. “Ctvs DOSAAF of the Sverdlovsk region” – 4