Racism in PSG

Расизм в ПСЖ

French “Paris Saint-Germain” declared that candidates for the Academy football club were chosen by ethnicity. The scandal erupted after a French publication reported that young football players were divided into four groups: “French”, “Maghrib”, “West Indies” and “African”. Allegedly, African players, it was difficult to enter the Academy PSG, because the club were not sure of their real age passport.

“We believe that this betrayal, and today we are shocked, says club General Manager Jean-Claude Blanc. – An internal investigation is ongoing and it will show who did what. It has been established that this cell consisted of fifteen people, who, at the request of his Manager used these criteria. It is obvious that the internal investigation will be followed by sanctions against employees who still work at the club. Many of the involved had already left the club.”

France has a law that it is forbidden to collect and use in the selection of staff personal data relating to racial or ethnic origin. For violation of this law entails a penalty of five years imprisonment and a fine of 300 thousand euros.

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