Rad Power Bikes has released a new e-bike RadWagon 4

Rad Power Bikes выпустила новый электровелосипед RadWagon 4

Today, the company Rad Power Bikes, specializing in the development and production of specialized bicycles for the different users and purposes, introduced a new model of cargo bike called RadWagon 4, designed to be a great company to all those who are already tired to drive and want something more light and is environmentally safe. It is worth noting the fact that the team of engineers Rad Power Bikes one way or another hinted that a new project in the line to represent more precisely the cargo version of the electric bike, which is something new for the company – and this pilot project can already be called a success in all respects.

The new bike RadWagon 4 is redesigned and optimized aluminium frame 6061 model, which is now a much more convenient design – in particular, it was slightly raised rear and lowered front to the user even faster and more comfortable on it. As for installed at the rear of the bike carrier basket, it is composed of solid polymer of a metal alloy and can easily carry up to 54 kg at a time, and have its own security system in the form of straps and fastenings-blockers to nothing of it fell out even in the moments of strongest shaking.

Even the shaking will not be such a large problem with installed inside the bike battery 48 Volt, which allows on a single charge to pass from 40 to 72 km, depending on what the soil and the surface goes and what the obstacles encountered in his way. The electric motor of 750 Watt also allows quite long and convenient to operate this vehicle.

In addition, a new model of electric bike RadWagon 4 is equipped with an optional LCD display that conveniently displays all the basic and advanced indicators of its work – and 22-inch wheels provide a welcome degree of comfort even when driving over really bad areas. The cost of the new RadWagon 4 is 1600 USD, which is pretty attractive figure.

Rad Power Bikes выпустила новый электровелосипед RadWagon 4

Rad Power Bikes выпустила новый электровелосипед RadWagon 4

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