Rada adopted a law prohibiting collectors to threaten debtors

Рада приняла закон о запрете коллекторам угрожать их должникам

The Verkhovna Rada took as a basis the draft bill on the protection of the rights of the debtors in the implementation of the debt collection activities. This was reported on the website of the Parliament.

The project proposes to define “collection activity”. According to the project, “collecting activity is professional activity on the settlement of overdue debts is carried out by subjects of settlement of such debt is directed?? on voluntary repayment by the debtor to the creditor of overdue monetary obligations through oral and written interactions with him, his representative ( representatives) (including by electronic or other technical means of communication, telephone negotiations with the debtor, a written message, i.e. the debtor, including in the framework of mandatory pre-trial settlement of dispute, notification of the debtor about the debt with the help of IVR)”.

The document also proposed to ban collectors to intimidate debtors, to misinform them, to threaten and to provide them with false information regarding their debt.

In addition, it is proposed to establish a ban on the use of vulgar and obscene language, phrases that affect the personal dignity of the debtor, its business reputation, and also to use force.

In addition, it is proposed to prohibit the collectors of your room and any way to report the debt to a third party.

The explanatory Memorandum States that the violation of the exercise of the collection activity the draft law envisages an administrative fine.The law will come into force six months after its publication. In cases where the exercise of the collection activity the draft law proposes to introduce administrative penalty.