Rada dismissed the head of the NBU. Zelensky recovered from COVID-19. Most importantly for the day

Рада уволила главу НБУ. Зеленская выздоровела от COVID-19. Главное за день

Dismissal Smoliy

The Verkhovna Rada dismissed Yakov Smoliy as head of the National Bank of Ukraine. Before the meeting of Parliament, the banker reported on its work and stated that the authorities required him to make economically unjustified decisions that could damage the Ukrainian economy.

COVID-19 in the world

For the last day of the coronavirus in the world were infected 174 thousand. (+174 thousand per day). Victims COVID-19 steel 520 785 (+5 thousand), recovered 5 724 851.

In the United States during the day, the coronavirus has infected more than 55 thousand people. This is an absolute record in the world since the beginning of the pandemic.

Coronavirus in Ukraine

For the last day of the coronavirus in Ukraine was confirmed at 876 people, 27 patients died – is one of the highest rates of deaths from coronavirus in days since the epidemic began. The total number of confirmed infections rose to 46 763.

Zelensky recovered from COVID-19

The first lady of Ukraine Elena Zelensky recovered from COVID-19 and was discharged from the hospital. The President’s wife will continue the treatment at home caused by a coronavirus from bilateral pneumonia.

The new Prime Minister in France

The President of France Emmanuel macron appointed Jean Castex the new Prime Minister of the country. He was appointed a few hours after the resignation of Edouard Philippe, who was elected mayor of Le Havre.

The removal of the devices the APU

Zelensky set the task of law enforcement agencies to evaluate the actions of employees of the State Bureau of investigation, which allowed the seizure of military equipment from military units of Air forces of Armed forces of Ukraine.

The Minister of defense of Ukraine Andrei Taran said that the withdrawal of the instrument investigators RRT undermined the combat readiness of the country.

The elimination of the flood consequences in Western Ukraine

The inhabitants of the Western regions who have lost homes due to floods, will pay 300 thousand UAH, UAH 50 thousand will be given for major repairs. Families who as a result of the disaster lost relatives will pay 200 thousand UAH.

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