Rada sent back for revision bills Zelensky exploration

Рада отправила на доработку законопроекты Зеленского о разведке

MPs sent for revision to the Committee on national security, defense and intelligence two presidential bill “On intelligence” №2412 and “On amending the law of Ukraine on the foreign intelligence Service regarding the activities of the foreign intelligence Service” No. 2414. For such decisions at a meeting Thursday voted respectively 336 and 340 people’s deputies.

Representatives of the Committee have offered to send these bills in preparation for the repeated first reading.

The bill “On intelligence” was proposed to normirovanie the structure of the intelligence community, including intelligence agencies, to General coordination of constituent entities of the intelligence community carried out by the President of Ukraine headed by the national security Council.

The draft law “On foreign intelligence Service” has determined the legal status of the foreign intelligence Service of Ukraine, management of its activities and of the overall structure, and also proposed to approve the total number of foreign intelligence Service of Ukraine in the amount of 4350 employees.