Radobank called consequences of the spread of ASF in the world

Radobank назвал последствия распространения АЧС в мире

African swine fever threatens global pork market increase in the cost of the product and a consequent reduction in the volume of growing pigs. This is reported by analysts Rabobank, at feednavigator.com.

So in China Achs provoked the growth of prices for pork.

Along with this, in Europe, falling volume growth of pigs. But the volume of pork production in Brazil is growing.

In the United States – it is assumed that in the second half of 2019 pork production in America will grow due to the large breeding herd and improved productivity.

“The key constraint for the development of the industry in the USA is a labor shortage,” – said in Radobank.

ASF in Eastern Europe continues to spread, constraining production growth.

“The summer heat also slows down the growth of production, contributing to increased market prices.

The exports of most member countries of the EU increased, mainly due to increased demand from China”, – informed analysts.

Meanwhile in Ukraine, the ASF has been simmering since 2012. Since the start of 2019, registering nearly 40 cases. In 2018 in Ukraine, the controller has registered 145 cases of ASF.

According to Deputy Sergey Trigubenko, to fight the virus in our country is hampered by several factors: an endless process of reform of Gospodarevskaya and the lack of competent personnel.

Moreover, in Ukraine, farmers massively hide Achs, the expert believes Nikolai Babenko. The reason is the enormous financial losses which the state is not able to compensate svinarov.