Radu was accused of destruction of the structure of financing of regional development

Раду обвинили в разрушении структуры финансирования регионального развития

“One vote is a logical system refashioned completely.”

The Verkhovna Rada has destroyed the established system of financing regional development.

This opinion was expressed by Director of science and development of the civil society Institute Anatoly Tkachuk during a round table at Gorshenin’s Institute, organized in cooperation with the RPR.

“When we speak about decentralization, we are not just talking about the redistribution of powers and new growth opportunities. The person does not care who performs the powers, as long as it provided a level of service and to develop local, regional economy. Therefore, two policies in the field of decentralization and regional development are like Siamese twins,” he said.

Tkachuk said that in recent years, these areas have a clear and simple system of financing regional development at the state level was the basic law on ambushes and public policy and the state strategy of regional development; regional development strategy of the region with the action plan, which in turn consists of projects that were funded from the state Fund of regional development.

“Last year, for the first time got into the system of financing of the state regional policy, namely in article 24 of the Budget code. But this year, deputies have outdone yourself. The good ideas when they are implemented incorrectly, can create new problems. The first Novella here: we have national public budget, and he entered into the state regional development Fund, and 500 million of funds that were planned under the logic of the plan of implementation of regional policy, already took out,” – said Tkachuk.

He added that in principle the creation of a public budget is a “cool idea”, but poorly implemented. “Can I use the 500 million in the current year, when we have a) no projects b) no procedure for the filing of projects for the public budget and there is no voting procedure? Really unlikely the money can be used and they lost. Not gone, they need to transfer to the special Fund of the state budget,” – said Tkachuk.

The second innovation, according to him, was the allocation by the Cabinet of Ministers 50% of the Fund of regional development “on the implementation of the priorities of economic growth and improve living standards of citizens.”

“A beautiful phrase, but what does that mean? [If] you planned this event, which does not coincide with the priorities of the government, you will not be able to Finance,” – said Tkachuk.

“Then we still have quotas GPR for different tasks. And we have a steep subsidy that is commensurate with the regional development Fund, which is called “Deputy”, and a legal name – on the socio-economic development of separate territories” – he said.

As a result of actions of the Parliament, said the expert, a clear logical structure of financing of regional development were destroyed. “One vote is a logical system refashioned in its entirety,” he said.

“Why is this happening? When the government is promoting reform and at some stage begins to reduce attention, there is a vacuum, there is a lot of initiatives that are screwing up the idea. The situation is similar here. The government in 2017, has proposed a number of very cool things: increase the State Fund to 1.5% [from the revenues of the General Fund budget] and a third of them to focus on implementing projects at national level; under this third should be a program for the development of problem territories” – said Tkachuk.

He said that the expert environment would promote changes to the Budget code and state budget for 2019 in order to rectify the situation and pay. In addition, the planned appeal to the constitutional court to deprive Parliament of the opportunity to intervene in the financial structure, formed by the bodies of Executive power. “It is impossible to unite in one body, in one person the legislative, Executive and control functions,” concluded Tkachuk.