RAID? Belarus suddenly disappeared Directors of all sugar factories

Облава? В Беларуси внезапно пропали директора всех сахарных заводов

Belarus lost the Director of the four sugar factories. One of the versions – they were detained by the state security Committee, however, there is neither confirm nor deny this information.

According to them, January 26, detained, Mikhail Krishtapovich, who has more than 20 years headed the Gorodeya sugar refinery. According to one of the employees, there was a search warrant, and the Director’s office allegedly sealed. In the waiting room said that krishtapovich on vacation until February 4.

In this case declare that the Director of Gorodeya plant 24 Jan flew from Minsk to Munich, and after the plane turned around and stripped him of 6 to 8 people.

As reported by passengers on Board came a man in uniform and said, “I will name some names, you will take your things and come with us. Called 6 people, but in fact it’s 2 families,” said one of the passengers.

According to him, asked out two pairs, they were all approximately the same age – about 50 years. While one of the couples flew together with two girls who “on view from 12 to 16 years.” Later he made 2 names.

Detained for a bribe?

Chapter Zhabinka sugar factory Victor Mironov also did not work. In the enterprise told that he had not seen him since January 27. However, unable to explain where he was and what happened.

“No I’m neither from the group nor from the police, didn’t call,” said Deputy Director for social Affairs Sergey Popko

Not answering home phone Director. But the Telegram-channel NEXTA said that Mironov was brought out of the office in handcuffs. The reason for the detention, according to them, is the bribe of 20 thousand dollars.

Flew with my wife?

The Director of the Slutsk sugar refinery Nikolay Prudnik also disappeared. As stated by the Deputy Director for ideological work and social Affairs, Yevgeny Shapovalov, the official version – Prudnik on vacation. To coordinate with his subordinates, he is not obliged.

However, he said that no searches at the enterprise did not happen, at least on the weekends.

“We read that in City Zhabinka, and talked to people, but we have nothing like that. I do not know that we have searched. It’s my first day on the job Monday. What happened this weekend, I don’t know. Director Friday officially on vacation planning, it was agreed with the concern,” – said Shapovalov.

According to the brother of Prudnik, he and his wife flew abroad.

Was summoned to Minsk

Also absent at work and Director of the Skidel sugar refinery Dmitry Egorov. His Deputy and the Secretary argue that the supervisor was summoned to Minsk.

Don’t know anything and factory workers. They heard various rumors about the arrest of the other Directors, but on the subject if you don’t know.

“We know that something is happening, but not know what it is. And we do all right. News there are no – and may not be”, – the workers say about the passing of the factory in Skidel.

Detained 11 people

According to the source for a week at the “sugar case” detained 11 people, and it oversees the KGB. At the same time, at least in vedomstve did not comment, the Prosecutor General Aliaksandr kaniuk said during the meeting with journalists that he “does not want to announce some things.”

“But now what’s happened is, again, external receivables”, – said the TV channel “Belarus 4. Grodno” Kaniuk.

At the same time, he said that it is a “fraudulent schemes between the management of the companies and mainly the Russian counterparts”.

And here is the source calls the detention “interagency squabbles”.

“Sugar is like alcohol or cigarettes, the implementation of which in one way or another controlled by the security forces. Sugar also oversaw Department of three letters. We can only guess why now happened showdown,” said the source.

Also the edition reports that according to unofficial information, on diabetes case along with the heads of four factories and businessmen and is a former head of the 2nd Department for combating organized crime and corruption (Gobaek) Ministry of internal Affairs Vladimir tikhinya.

Облава? В Беларуси внезапно пропали директора всех сахарных заводов

Облава? В Беларуси внезапно пропали директора всех сахарных заводов