Rain and cold: which areas of Ukraine are not lucky with the weather

Холод и дожди: каким областям Украины не повезет с погодой

Thursday, July 11, in Ukraine is expected cold snap, and in some areas – rain. About it on the page in Facebook wrote forecaster Natalia Didenko.

Weather in Ukraine: what is forecasted

In the Carpathians it is expected to +7°, in the afternoon in most areas will be up to +24°, and in the Western areas to +17°.

It will be raining almost the entire territory of Ukraine and only in the Central part of the country or the South there will be a small Sunny clearing.

In Kiev July 11, is expected to fresh and wet weather periodically,eltn rain, at night to +12° to +22°.

“Realizing that everyone is interested in a summer warming will risk and say that, according to preliminary forecast, the hope for the return of shorts and bare shoulders appear 20-22 July,” wrote Didenko.

According to the national forecast, July 11 – St. Sergius and St. Herman. The cuckoo in this day ceased to sing winter had come.