Ramin Eshakti admitted, that hates ex-fiance Vitaliy Kozlovsky

The author of the popular YouTube channel “Rumor” Ramin Achakzai became the guest of the show “a Night at the bar,” which comes out on the YouTube channel Lux FM. In the second edition of the project ex-fiancée Vitaly Kozlovsky told one of Ukrainian stars hates.

In the new issue of “Night at the bar” starred three seductive representatives of Ukrainian show business: Ramin Eshakti, Dasha Astafieva and Misha Romanova. One task for the heroines was the game of “Truth or dare” in which Ramin pulled out a sheet with the question “Name 3 Ukrainian stars, which I hate”.

So, Achakzai said that she hates her ex-boyfriend Vitaly Kozlovsky for the fact that after their breakup in September 2017, he hung on her stamp “ex-girlfriend Kozlovsky”.

Also among the other celebrities who dislikes Ramin was also host of “Glory” Glory Demin.

Demin, which agrees with the Ukrainian stars and invites them before me. And takes normal interview. I found that very annoying. Second place is Vitaly Kozlovsky. He I hung the stamp “ex-girlfriend Kozlowski” and I now have to wash,
said Ramin.

The second edition of the show “a Night at the bar”: watch the video