Ramos ‘ goal brought victory to real Madrid and leads a club to the League title in La Liga: live

Гол Рамоса принес победу "Реалу" и ведет клуб к чемпионству в Ла Лиге: видео

Гол Рамоса принес победу "Реалу" и ведет клуб к чемпионству в Ла Лиге: видео

Athletic on 5 July hosted the League leaders real Madrid in the match of the 34th round of La Liga. Zidane’s team won a difficult match with lots of wrestling.

Athletic – Real Madrid 0:1

Goals: Ramos, 73

The principled struggle

From the first minutes of the match both teams went forward. Benzema was in a good position to strike, but the defenders played well ahead of the curve.

Williams struck from the penalty area at the gate Courtois defenders played safe and defused the situation.

Garcia jumped out above all players and struck the ball with his head, but Courtois in a cool hop got to the ball.

A good pass from the flank made Asensio, where in the box its locked Rodrigo crossbar.

On 24 minutes, no one was able to stop active Williams, who entered the penalty area and struck. But his shot lacked accuracy.

Direct attack from real Madrid. Marcelo broke through several defenders, received a pass from ascencio but was not able to give a good pass back – the defense has played and coolly knocked the ball from the free kick.

A few half chances from teams that were not successful.

In the last seconds of the meeting of the first half, we attacked real Madrid. Benzema struck his head after giving from flank, but the ball flew just over the crossbar.

In the first 45-minute of any of commands did not manage to open the score.

The Savior Ramos

In the beginning of the second half of the game good chance to score had “athletic”. Williams almost got the ball in good position to strike, but one of the defenders at the last moment intercepted the ball.

In a few minutes another attack of the home team. Cordoba was on the edge of the penalty area and made a good pass but again the defenders steel wall in the penalty area, to protect the possession of Courtois.

A great cross from the flank was performed by Rodrigo, but the defenders of Bilbao again.

On 72 minutes the referee saw a penalty against the hosts of the match. Real Madrid have a Golden opportunity to finally open the scoring.

However, the arbiter 100 percent was not sure the appointment of 11-meter strike, and turned to VAR. After reviewing the replay, the judge has appointed a penalty in gate “Athletics”.

Viewing OPTIONS:

Mark came regular penalty taker for real Madrid Ramos. Simon reacted to the shot with a penalty, but could not hit the ball, which flew into the bottom left corner – 0:1.

The Penalty Of Ramos:

Once the trainer “creamy” Zidane made a substitution to try to increase the score. Substitutions replied and head coach of Bilbao Garitano.

In the last minute of the match Benzema cool shot from outside the penalty area – the goalkeeper made a great save.

As athletic tried to attack, but he failed to equalize.

Final score of the match – 0:1.

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