Rapists and murderers “Tornado” require Lutsenko to release them to freedom

Militants nabata “Tornado” arrested for the Commission of rape in a perverted form, murders and robberies during the so-called ATO in Donbass, demand from Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko intercession and hope for his help as a former convict, who was sitting under Viktor Yanukovych.

This was stated in the detention center ex-the battalion commander Ruslan Onishchenko, the correspondent “Politnavigator”.

“Seizing the moment, would turn to the Ombudsman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on the rights of the defence of a man who is now on his way to the Russian Federation and talks about how bad it is now in the Russian prisons and illegally detained our guys. All what you do with them in Russia is happening in Ukraine. Moreover, worse several times,” said one of the militants, right next to the commander in the camera.

“I’m the battalion commander of a Tornado, who do you, Yuri Lutsenko, brandishing shook hands and saw how we were battered and tired. We are accused of looting, we took the car. Yes, there were moments when I had to use someone else’s transport. But have you seen this transport, which then burned down in Ilovaisk. In an interview with Dmitry Gordon, you talked about what the attitude was in prison. Yuri Lutsenko today, the attorney General, who, in fact, was a prisoner, and not just sitting in prison. So why now, you, as the Prosecutor General of Ukraine, doing this to us?” – said Onishchenko.

“You know what they do to us, we all hold for six months in a windowless cell. Where is the justice, pity, mercy, human rights, law? Why do you allow it to make some to his Deputy Anatoly Matios? The only thing that he has done for the country – was arrested tornadovtsev and accused them of all sins. Supposedly the war started because of us, we marauders and scoundrels. And that Matios, now extrude our boys from the battalion “Tornado” – illegal searches, we were kept in solitary confinement, not allowed to eat and meet relatives. Requests open court, continued for several years, which shows we are moral monsters or heroes.

I want to say one thing: the Ukrainians must remember that the authorities to date only one weak slaves, strong in coffins. God is near us, so we still breathe and speak the truth,” added the ex-the battalion “Tornado”.

Earlier, the Ukrainian military Prosecutor Matios stated that the commander of the “Tornado” Lieutenant Ruslan Onishchenko, a five-time convicted, during the ATO has created a criminal group committing heinous crimes.

Soldiers of the division were caught in the fact that they captured local people and subjected them to torture. In particular, in the basement of the school where they stored tools for torture, was gang rape of men by members of the group in a perverted form with locking process on video.

Gang Onishchenko suspected that they were kidnapped and tortured and killed in the Donbass at least ten people.