Rapper djigan admitted that officially mentally ill

Рэпер Джиган признался, что официально психбольной

The musician told about his problems with hard drugs and on prohibition to drive a car in the state of mental health.

Rapper djigan called himself officially a mentally ill person. He told about it in YouTube show LABELCOM.

The musician told how the U.S. has been in several psychiatric hospitals. According to the musician, he and his wife Oksana Samoilova went to the USA for the birth of their fourth child.

Samoilov gave birth to the rapper’s first son, and djigan went to celebrate the event. At the party he allegedly did not notice that he slipped hard drugs.

After taking drugs, 34-year-old rapper became ill. He wanted to take a shower in the club, and did not understand what was exposed in the usual toilet.

The musician was arrested and taken to the police station in Miami, where he appeared four times. Many times it was placed in different psychiatric hospitals.

Dzhigan admitted that he was put in a straitjacket and injected. Now he is “officially psihbolnym”, as the rapper has a temporary ban on driving.