Rare mutation: the pensioner never in my life felt pain

Редкая мутация: пенсионерка ни разу в жизни не чувствовала боли

Joe Cameron from Inverness in Scotland, the doctors surprised by the fact that absolutely not feel pain. The doctors drew attention to it, when a woman was undergoing rehabilitation after surgery.

The surgeon sent her for additional studies which revealed that the woman almost didn’t need the pain in the broken limbs, cuts and burns as well as birth and numerous surgeries, reports the Daily Mail.

The experts found out that Joe Cameron never panics. A few years ago she got in an accident. But was able to get out of the overturned car. Then the woman went to comfort the driver of the van, which pushed her car off the road. The bruises and abrasions she observed later.

“71-year-old Joe Cameron has a mutation of a previously unknown gene, which, according to scientists, plays a significant role in the transmission of information about pain and the memory of it. Once we understand how the new gene, we can think about gene therapy, simulating the effects that we see in this case.

Millions of people suffer from pain, and we definitely need new analgesics. Such patients can give us a real understanding of the pain system,” – said the head of research.

The study also revealed that her son, too, feels no pain, but the mother and daughter, Jo Cameron feel the pain. Scientists have expressed the opinion that to transfer a mutation of the woman would be her father.