Rare Plymouth for road racing for sale

Редкий Plymouth для кольцевых гонок выставлен на продажу

On Saturday, may 30, one of the German showrooms announced the sale of the car Plymouth Superbird.

Car Assembly Road Runner was assembled in 1970 and was intended to participate in the racing circuit American series NASCAR Grand National.

The car is famous for its huge wing in the back – a design proposed missile engineer John Pointer.

However, later in the rules NASCAR has a paragraph about the ban on participation in races of cars with similar aerodynamics, so Plymouth stopped production at around 1920 of vehicles produced.

For sale, a copy is in excellent condition – it has never been restored and retains the original paint and original stickers. The movement novelty leads a 7.2-liter V8 engine capable of producing 375 horsepower at 650 Nm of torque. In tandem with the motor works 3-speed automatic transmission.

The first 100 km/h Plymouth Superbird gaining 6 seconds, and its maximum speed is limited to a mark of 240 km/h.

The cost of the car is not known, but two years ago a similar copy was sold for 200 000 dollars.