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Рідкісне сонячне затемнення можна побачити вже цієї ночі - 24 Канал

In the night of Friday, July 13, will host a partial solar Eclipse. This phenomenon can be seen on the South coast of Australia, Tasmania and parts of Antarctica.

It is reported by Time.

According to NASA, like solar Eclipse, which occurred on Friday the 13th, the last time was in December 1974. The next partial Eclipse, which will take place on Friday 13-th, can be seen already in September 2080.

Where and when can we see solar Eclipse

Best Eclipse will be seen in Hobart Tasmania. We’ll see 35% of the Sun’s diameter covered by the Moon. It will happen at 13:24 local time. The Eclipse will be visible for the inhabitants of the southern coast of Australia. Though with this place it will be visible as the Moon covers less than a quarter of the Sun. Also, the Eclipse will be able to see explorers in the Northern part of Antarctica.

But the Ukrainians of this phenomenon will not see, except that during the broadcast on the Internet. Kiev time the solar Eclipse will begin on July 13 at 4:48, the maximum peak will reach in 6:02. Thus in 7:13 the Sun is starting to come out from behind the moon.

How a Solar Eclipse affects the Earth

Scientists say that there is the influence of the Eclipse on biological processes on Earth. So, a group of Ukrainian researchers found that during a total solar Eclipse on 11 August 1999 in Bulgaria, there was a decrease in air temperature by 6 to 7 degrees Celsius.

In addition, before the Eclipse it changes the behavior of birds and insects. So, the swallows gathered large flocks, did the same and seagulls. The birds continued to fly even with poor visibility. 2 minutes before the total phase began to subside zviratka insects. Until the end of the partial phase, the activity of the animals returned to normal circadian rhythms.

What is a solar Eclipse? During this period the Moon is between the Sun and Earth and thereby obscures the sun’s light. During the year, there are at least two eclipses of the Sun, but no more than five.

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