Rare variety Loiza pickup sold for 2180 dollars

Редкую разновидность ЛуАЗа - пикап продают за 2180 долларов

The author of the ad posted on the website OLX, reports that it is the country’s only car brand LUAZ 13021. True here, the Ukrainians agreed that saw a similar offer to sell, but it described the car in much worse condition, but more expensive – for $ 2,400. The machine is offered on OLX, has a mileage of 5.5 thousand km in 3 years ago was given a major overhaul. Then a car from the garage did not go. The owner of the ad does not specify what is practically a new car needed “kapitalka”.

Moreover, the owner of the truck says needs carb adjustment, replacement of the steering system, painting. All of this suggests about the quality of Ukrainian industry.

The truck was completed with the petrol atmospheric engine capacity of 1.1 liters, giving out 52 HP Inside – a pair of seat back platform, carrying capacity of which reaches 550 kg. the Machine has four-wheel drive, high ground clearance, so that “primer” you can ride safely.

According to the correspondent of the public “Ukrainian cars” these cars officially in Poland has not been delivered. Nevertheless, the country caught on the roads LUAZ 969-e, 967-e and 1302-e. On the basis of the last and did pickups.Their circulation is limited and is only 300 units. It is curious that occasionally these “SUVs” can be found on the roads of Germany, Japan, USA.

Редкую разновидность ЛуАЗа - пикап продают за 2180 долларов